Witte POC Crave Sunglasses - Performance zonnebrillen

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Wit Hydrogen White Hydrogen

Over Witte POC Crave Sunglasses - Performance zonnebrillen

Lens POC’s Crave Sunglasses come with a single lens design that creates an uninterrupted, expanded vision. The lens has been designed by Carl Zeiss Vision who are the powerhouse lorded for their world renown for optical advancement. The Hydrogen White, Crave glasses come with a light transmission of 13.3% which is most suited for bright lighting conditions. To keep the lens clearer for longer the lens comes with a Ripel lens treatment which helps all forms of moisture pearl from the lens including mud, rain, road spray and more. Frame The frame comes with a Grilamid construction which is a material characterised for being incredibly lightweight and flexible for long lasting comfort whilst also being incredibly durable and resistant. For extra stabilisation the glasses come with hydrophilic rubber stays which are water resistant and will ensure that the glasses stay in position on your face even when you’re at your most active.